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Gold Restorations in Portland, OR

Gold onlay and Gold Crown Dental Restorations in Portland, ORWe are lucky to have so many good dental materials to choose from when teeth need to be restored due to dental decay or mechanical fractures. In the front of the mouth, where our aesthetic needs are greatest, we have many excellent composite and porcelains we can utilize. However, on the molar and bicuspid surfaces, where greater mechanical forces are applied during chewing, durability and longevity become high priorities for patients. Gold offers us many different ways in which to restore missing tooth structure on back teeth and can often be utilized in a highly esthetic manner as well. Here are some of the reasons to consider gold restorations in these high-demand areas.

Advantages of Using Gold to Restore Posterior Teeth

•  Gold will not oxidize and discolor the teeth.
•  Fragile areas of tooth structure remaining can be protected by covering them with a thin layer of gold. Gold will not fracture even when it is thin.
•  The cast gold restoration will not fracture in the isthmus or other areas.
•  The margins at the junction of the tooth and gold are nearly imperceptible if handled properly, and will not be so likely to harbor plaque, and consistenly should contribute to better tissue health.
•  Contact areas can be placed and polished for ease in the use of dental floss, thus promoting better tissue health.
•  Gold castings such as 7/8 modified full crowns or conventional full crowns can be used to "bind the tooth together" and prevent tooth fracture, or relieve sensitivity from incipient tooth fractures.
•  The normal tooth anatomy can be more nearly reproduced with a casting.
•  Cast gold wears more nearly the same as tooth structure and does not produce sub-marginal surface. Precise fitting castings will support the marginal enamel rods which prevents chipping and fracturing at the cavo-surface margins and minimizes the possibility of marginal leakage and bacterial invasion.
•  Gold castings have a favorable coefficient of expansion with tooth structure.
•  Well placed gold casting will last much longer than other filling materials used today.
•  The sensory acceptance of gold by the tongue and the feel during mastication is enhanced by the smoothness and anatomical replication of the missing tooth structure.

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