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Picking Out the Right Toothbrush for Your Needs

Posted on 9/20/2017 by Office Manager
Dental Crowns Carol Klingensmith, D.M.D. OR 79101-3349
Picking out the right toothbrush is important. It can be one of the most important tools when it comes to keeping up your oral health.

There are many types on the market, so finding the right one for you can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect toothbrush for your specific needs.

Picking Out a New Toothbrush

The best way to start is by picking out a toothbrush that's fits your mouth comfortably. We spend about 1000 hours in our lifetime brushing our teeth. You should find a toothbrush that reaches all of your teeth, one to two teeth at a time easily.

Soft bristle brushes are the most recommended by most dental professionals as they are the safest. They will definitely do the job removing plaque and debris from teeth. A medium or hard bristle brush can actually cause damage to the gum line and root surface if you brush too hard. Using one vigorously can also increase your sensitivity to hot and cold.

Did you know the most common color toothbrush picked out is blue?

If you think you may prefer an electronic or spin brush it is very important to make sure you brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Keep in mind they may not clean teeth any better than a regular toothbrush if it's not a comfortable fit. They are however very convenient for someone with a limited mobility.

Try not to let yourself get too overwhelmed at the store when it comes time to pick a new toothbrush since there are many to choose from and keep in mind its purpose. A smaller one will help reach all those hard to get to areas. It should be about 1" long and a ½" wide.

You also might want to consider a non-slip grip and a flexible handle. Also, a longer handle might be easier for a child to handle. As soon as your toothbrush starts to show wear or about every three months, it's time to go shopping for a new one.

Remember to check with your dentist to see what they recommend to best fit your needs. Once you find the perfect toothbrush you're well on your way to maintaining good oral hygiene, and everyone loves that perfect smile.

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