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Reasons to Get a Tongue Cleaner

Posted on 8/27/2017 by Office Manager
 Tongue Cleaner Carol Klingensmith, DMD OR 79101-3349
Getting yourself a tongue cleaner can do a lot to improve your oral health. Most people neglect their tongues, thinking they need to pay most of their attention to their gums and teeth.

This can let problems with the tongue go on for quite some time without anyone noticing. If you haven't been paying attention to the hygiene of your tongue, it is time for you to go out and get a tongue cleaner for yourself.

Why You Want to Use a Tongue Cleaner

Here are the top reasons to go out and get a tongue cleaner, which may also be called a tongue scraper at the store when you go to buy it.

•  If you don't scrape the bacteria off of your tongue, you will end up with some really bad breath.
•  A clean tongue is able to fight off new germs more effectively. If you need an immune system boost, try scraping your tongue off.
•  When your tongue is clean, your food tastes better than if your tongue is covered in gunk.
•  When you scrape the yucky stuff off of your tongue, you don't swallow it. This means you can digest the foods you eat more effectively, giving you more of the nutrients out of each food you eat.
•  Having a clean tongue promotes better oral health.

By simply adding one thing into your oral hygiene routine, you can add all of those benefits to your body. It doesn't take much, but it can make a big different to how you feel and how you eat.

Talk to your dentist during your next cleaning and exam about other benefits that come along with having a clean tongue. They may be able to give you even more incentive about keeping your oral health optimized.

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